Global product price data

The website displays a fraction of the international price data available in our database. Please let us know what you need to see if we can help.

Already available data

For a fee, our data can be made available for analysis and research. The cost of the data sets depends on the countries, data series and time coverage you are interested in. Payment can be made by credit card, paypal or bank transfer upon issuing an invoice.

The data are delivered by e-mail in an excel file that includes the price data, country ISO codes, and currency codes. Also included are exchange rates that can be used to convert the data into a common currency as all of the price series are stored in local currency. Before and after data delivery, we are available to answer questions about our data collection methodology and sources.

Custom data sets

We also collect specialty data sets as requested by our clients. For over a decade we have collected and maintained large data sets of energy prices, product prices, and economic and business indicators across all countries. We know how to find data, whether or not to trust a data source, and how to cross check the information.

Our team works without scraping or any other automation in the data collection process. All data are checked by multiple members of the team. In addition, where necessary we run diagnostics using advanced statistical techniques.

Combined data sets

If needed, we can combine the price information with series from our other data sets. Those include economic and business indicators and energy price data with over 500 indicators for over 200 countries. For example, clients may be interested in the overall economic growth, price trends, and other short-term or long-term trends in various countries. We can provide such data context.

Analyses and reports

We also prepare specialty analyses and reports using the data. Our team, which consists largely of economists with graduate degrees, can extract useful information from the data and present those findings in a user-friendly format that facilitates decision making. Delegating that task to us saves clients time, effort and money.

The reports can cover country or region level issues as well as the trends in specific sectors, markets or product groups.

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